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Podcasting for ALL businesses and brands

Our mission is to bring the power of podcasting to every business - providing a hassle-free, professional and cost effective remote solution.

We’ve simplified the end to end production process which removes complicated and expensive barriers to entry and instant access to podcasting experts.

Finally you can produce engaging podcasts at a low, predictable monthly cost.

(Save over £30k versus freelancers and in-house teams)


podcasts are now an essential part of any effective marketing mix, reaching audiences via a medium which is growing day by day.

While you might have other creative services covered in-house like graphics and video, the idea of creating and publishing a podcast series, without the help of an experienced team, becomes a truly daunting prospect.

podboom solves this problem, giving your business its own remote team which helps you achieve your podcasting goals. It’s cost effective too, saving you over £30k compared to employing your own experts.


Podcasts allows sales teams to reach potential clients in a new effective way, driving the opportunity of increasing sales through engaging audio content.

Why not discuss a successful project your company completed and get that client to be a guest and talk about their experience. This perfectly demonstrates why other people should consider your business and showcases what it could deliver for them.

A podcast acts like word of mouth, and we all know there’s nothing in sales better than this.

Internal Communications

Engage with your staff more effectively with podcasts versus text documents alone.

Podcasting is a great way to train and educate as well as deliver company news inside of an organisation. It can be published on internal intranet platforms or privately, choosing who listens and who doesn’t.

In large companies it helps bring the voices of management closer to the wider staff, something that can normally be only achieved by scheduling physical staff meetings.

Podcasts are booming

Latest stats show that 19% of adults in the UK are listening to podcasts every week, for a total of 69m hours. In the USA 62% of the population 12+ have listened to a podcast in the past 12 months, with 79% familiar with the medium.

Apple, Google and Spotify have helped drive this success by investing heavily in huge online podcast destinations - which you can be featured on.

Audio podcasts also have many benefits which includes accessibility via any smart device (mobile, tablet, smart speaker) and the ability to listen whilst carrying out another task.

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Getting started

podboom is here to help your business jump into the world of podcasting, without having to hire in-house or manage multiple freelancers. We are here to guide you through the entire process, from initial concepts to publishing your masterpiece.

Here’s how it works.

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Everything you need to know about how we work, our expertise and what you can expect when partnering with us.

Choose your plan

Our plans are transparent and easy to navigate. Pick your podcast frequency and the length of contract and sign up with a member of our onboarding team.


Once onboard we’ll schedule a 30 minute video call with your podcast manager to chat through your goals and ideas. It’s a great way to get to know you and your aspirations.


Our graphics team will get straight to work creating your podcast artwork.

Record, Produce & Publish

Now it’s time to schedule in your 90 minute remote recording with your podcast producer, you can even have members of your team listening in, taking notes. Once recorded we’ll edit and send it over for your feedback. Once signed off, it’s time to set it live or schedule it for release.

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Bootstrap Themes

What we do

When it comes to podcasts, there isn’t much we can’t help you with.

Our podcast production team can provide the perfect solutions from visual branding through to recording, publishing and ongoing social marketing.

Here are just some of the podcasts we’ve helped create!

  • T2RL
  • Power to Inspire
  • Escape Podcast
  • SurreyCast
  • Revo OnAir
  • Big Bets

Our plans include

Every plan includes access to our podcast production professionals who have the highest level of experience within the broadcast, audio and communications industry.

In addition to this you will get a dedicated podcast project manager, who will guide you through the production process and schedule in your remote recordings - as and when you need them. They will also be on hand to offer advice to help your podcast go from strength to strength.

You will also get access to our extensive 8,000+ music tracks which can be used in your podcast as audio branding - great for intros and outros. (If you require a VoiceOver or a host we can also make recommendations on professionals we partner with).

All podboom remote recordings use our preferred, high quality cloud recording software - with easy access for hosts and guests via a simple web link.

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What’s remote podcast recording?

Remote recording is a method of creating podcasts online using cloud recording platforms. This is an efficient way of recording with hosts and guests accessing the studio via their laptops, desktops and mobile devices. Literally on any device, wherever there’s an internet connection.

Being remote doesn’t affect the quality of the recording. Each contributor’s audio is recorded locally on their device and then uploaded at the end of the recording session.

Your podcast producer directs your session whilst members of your team listen in and take notes. It’s great if your marketing or sales team want to interject at any point via instant message, without disturbing the podcast recording.

Get heard

Want your podcast to be heard publicly? We distribute to all the main podcast directories. In a matter of days your podcast can be live on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.

But, if you want to keep it private, no problem. We can either provide a private podcast platform or just send you the completed audio file ready to upload on your own system.

Rock solid hosting

All our podcast plans come with online hosting. We use an integrated publishing platform which services some of the world’s biggest and most listened to podcasts.

This hosting provides you with the confidence that your podcast is going to be there whenever a listener presses play.

What is a monthly podcast subscription?

A monthly podcast production subscription is a way to create a podcast for your company or brand without having to hire an in-house team of audio professionals. No stress, no hassle and saving you over £30k per year.

It provides you with a low, predictable fixed cost and delivers a professional podcast that you will be proud of!